Four Square Meals Archive

For last year’s archive of menus and photos please click here.

February 11 2013

  • Urad dal and leeks; millet, forbidden rice and squash
  • Eggplant, daikon and kale in tomato sauce; mixed root vegetables
  • Tempeh and broccoli in butternut squash sauce; potato and napa cabbage
  • Pinto beans with turnip; brown basmati rice with beets

February 4 2013

  • Black-eyed peas with thyme and green cabbage; Israeli couscous with red cabbage and capers
  • Toor dal with caraway and kale; sticky rice with carrot and sesame
  • Tofu, broccoli, kohlrabi and zucchini ‘skillet’; yellow and russet potatoes with roasted celery root in gravy
  • Spiced beet and butternut squash; barley and faro (wheat) with braised bok choi

January 29 2013

  • Roasted eggplant in squash-tomato sauce with red cabbage and fennel seeds; madagascar pink rice and millet pilaf with green beans
  • Caraway-tempeh slaw; buckwheat and butternut squash with capers
  • Seitan and michigan baby carrots in lemon-dill sauce; brown rice and brussel sprouts
  • Black bean chili; mashed potato and sweet potato with rosemary

January 21 2013

  • Rice noodles and savoy cabbage in caramelized onion broth; spiced root vegetables (beets,  turnips, carrots)
  • Pinto beans and yellow and orange bell peppers with capers and mustard; roasted red and russet potatoes with collards and dill
  • Zucchini, mushroom, sweet potato and carrot with tarragon and sunflower seeds; barley and kamut pilaf with red and orange bell pepper
  • Red lentils with rutabaga and brown mustard seed; spiced brown rice with daikon radish

January 15 2013

  • Home-made seitan with green and napa cabbage in a caraway gravy; Red and russet potatoes roasted with eggplant and rosemary
  • Tofu-sweetcorn salad with tahini and brown mustard seed; roasted root vegetables (scarlet and white turnip, rutabaga, daikon radish and celery root) in a tangy vegan cheese sauce
  • Green lentils, sweet peppers and carrots with capers and mustard; buckwheat, quinoa and collard greens
  • Navy and green beans in spiced tomato sauce; Pilaf of carneroli rice and red cabbage with sesame seed