2012 Four Square Meals Menu Archive

To see photos and some more description please visit the links to the posts below

Meal Plan December 17 2012

  • Fried eggplant in spiced sweet corn sauce; basmati rice and turnip with cumin and fennel seed
  • Marinated tofu and beets with celery in chipotle sauce; dilled Israeli couscous with red cabbage and carrot
  • Spiced moong dal with cauliflower; buckwheat and rye berries with kale
  • Black eyed pea, navy bean and napa cabbage stew; curried mashed potatoes

Meal Plan December 11 2012

  • Tofu salad with kohlrabi and red cabbage, seasoned with miso, tahini and lemon; mixed root vegetables (carrot, daikon radish, turnip) in oregano glaze
  • Red lentils with spinach; barley and mushroom pilaf
  • Pinto beans with kohlrabi, cabbage and roasted cumin; potatoes and butternut squash in tomato sauce with fennel seed
  • Sage seitan and kale in gravy; brown rice and delicata squash “casserole”

Meal Plan December 3 2012

  • Coconut chole with carrot and cilantro; Spiced cabbage with sweet corn
  • Tofu with kale and collards in lemon caper sauce; brown basmati rice with kohlrabi and fennel seed
  • Marinated tempeh and roasted root salad; mashed butternut squash and potato
  • Rice noodles in coconut corn broth; millet and quinoa with butternut squash and leeks

Meal Plan November 19 2012

  • Spiced green lentils with eggplant; mashed sweet potato and squash
  • Tempeh slaw with aloo gobi  (Indian potatoes and cauliflower)
  • Garbanzo beans with roasted tomatoes and sweet corn; dilled mixed vegetables (carrot, celery root, cabbage, collards)
  • Marinated tofu and collard greens in miso gravy; brown rice with cabbage and peas

Meal Plan November 12 2012

  • Curried pinto bean and cabbage stew; mushroom pullao rice
  • Sauteed tofu and parsnip in kabocha-dill sauce; roasted roots and carneroli rice with sage
  • Seitan and delicata squash in picante sauce; patates braves
  • Spiced red lentils and daikon radish;  millet and butternut squash

Meal Plan November 5 2012

  • Black beans with kabocha squash; sesame-sunflower potato cakes
  • Rice noodles in peanut-miso broth; spiced beets and cabbage
  • Tofu dijon with delicata squash; mashed sweet potato with leek and garlic
  • Coconut chole with brown basmati-swetcorn pullao

Meal Plan October 29 2012

  • Spiced kidney beans and sweet corn; paella-esque with mushroom and roasted tomatoes
  • tofu spring salad with winter squash wedges and daikon in chili vinaigrette
  • green lentil and cabbage salad, curried potato and butternut squash
  • Herbed seitan with cabbage and bok choi in teriyaki sauce; buckwheat, millet, rye and barley pilaf with carrot

Meal Plan October 22 2012

  • Spiced red lentils with cabbage; barley-basmati rice pilaf with butternut squash and smoked paprika
  • Roasted eggplant in ancho pepper sauce with daikon and mixed greens (collards, purple and green kale and turnip greens) with sesame seeds
  • Roasted tofu and bell pepper in basil sauce; mashed curried turnip and winter squash
  • Garbanzos and squash in thyme-caper sauce with lemon verbena mashed potatoes

Meal Plan October 15 2012

  • Seitan, broccoli, kohlrabi and daikon in sumac sauce; spiced millet with butternut squash and red cabbage
  • Bell pepper stuffed with eggplant-sunflower pate; kamut-rye berries-sweetcorn pilaf
  • Spiced green lentils with eggplant; tamari-rice with sweet peppers
  • Marinated tofu and radish in acorn squash and sweet potato sauce; roasted potato, beet and turnip

October 8 2012

  • Breaded eggplant with mustard greens and sunflower seeds, paella with beets
  • Baked tofu with sweet peppers and radish greens; curried potato and sweet potato
  • Herbed navy beans with butternut squash; mashed winter squash and potato
  • Chole with bell peppers; barley pilaf with ancho peppers and daikon radish

October 1 2012

  • Rice noodles with tofu, beet greens and arugula; spiced eggplant and green beans
  • Mixed vegetables in roasted cumin sauce with millet, quinoa and radish pilaf
  • Spiced red lentils with kales and chard; brown basmati rice pulao with mixed summer squash
  • Spiced black beans and corn with radish greens; “cheesy” potatoes and eggplant

September 24 2012

  • Tempeh slaw and curried potatoes
  • Mediterranean eggplant and roma tomatoes; buckwheat with cherry and heirloom tomatoes
  • Spiced black eyed peas and heirloom tomatoes; spiced rice with sweetcorn and lacinato kale
  • Mixed vegetables in sunflower sauce; roasted peppers stuffed with sweet potatoes, eggplant and sweetcorn

September 17 2012

  • Green beans and collards in fennel-tomato sauce with spiced basmati rice and cabbage
  • Eggplant and cousa squash “parmesan” with dilled carrot and potatoes
  • Black beans and kale with thyme and tomatoes; brown mustard seed infused millet with zephyr squash and heirloom tomatoes
  • Garbanzo, sweet pepper and roasted tomato salad with rosemary-leek mashed potatoes

September 10 2012

  • Spiced red lentils with sweet corn; brown rice with sesame, basil and garlic
  • Tofu with acorn squash and fresh thyme sauce; scalloped potatoes and collard greens with fresh rosemary and sage
  • Mixed vegetables and mung beans with spiced cabbage and sweet corn
  • Roasted eggplant and plum tomato with fresh oregano; green beans in heirloom tomato and caper sauce

September 3 2012

lack beans and sage with carrots and beets; smoked paprika paella with collard greens

  • Eggplant, broccoli and green pepper in ginger-pesto sauce; potato-cucumber salad
  • Spiced green lentils with zucchini; buckwheat with sweet corn, tomato and african basil
  • Tempeh-cucumber salad with lemon basil; mixed squash and collard ragout, seasoned with sumac and parsley

August 27 2012

  • Rice noodles and broccoli in portabello-smoked paprika broth; mixed potatoes and beets with spiced tomato
  • Spiced black bean with cabbage and broccoli greens; heirloom tomato-cucumber salad with kamut and rye berries
  • Eggplant and green pepper in caper-basil sauce with spiced green beans and zephyr squash
  • Patty pan squash, pinto bean and collards in thai basil sauce; spiced brown rice with zuchinni, romanesco and cousa squash

August 20 2012

  • Tempeh, collard green and tomato salad seasoned with brown mustard seed; Mixed vegetables in basil-tahini sauce
  • Green lentil, cucumber salad and buckwheat salad seasoned with lemon basil; mild patates bravas, indian style
  • Eggplant, summer squash, tomatoes and red russian kale in thai basil sauce with millet, green bean and carrot pilaf
  • Spiced red lentils with green kale; brown basmati rice with green pepper and beets

July 30 2012

  • White beans and cousa squash in shallot-tarragon sauce; tomato, cucumber and rye salad with basil
  • Tofu and green beans in spiced tomato sauce; brown basmati rice and kale pilaf with brown mustard seed
  • Tempeh, eggplant and kale in blood orange sauce; kamut, carrot and zucchini pilaf with lime basil
  • Black bean salad with beet and sweet corn; potato and turnip in thai basil sauce

July 23 2012

  • Green and yellow squash, broccoli and green beans with rice noodles and mung beans
  • Tofu, beet, cucumber salad with roasted potatoes
  • Tempeh, tomato, cabbage salad with roasted cumin ; barley with cucumber and sweet corn
  • Black bean-sweet corn veggieburger with collards and kale; spiced rice with sweet potatoes

July 16 2012

  • Seared tofu & grilled broccoli in fresh basil sauce; brown basmati rice with carrot & lemon
  • Glazed tempeh and green beans in tomato sauce with buckwheat, raisins and kale
  • Black beans and sweet corn with roasted garlic-mashed potato and daikon radish
  • Red lentils with cabbage and gujerati-style mixed squash

July 9 2012

  • Tofu spring salad with cucumber kohlrabi and zucchini; spiced green cabbage and cousa squash
  • Green lentils and bok choi with long grain rice and beets seasoned with roasted cumin
  • Glazed tempeh, green beans and cousa squash in roasted garlic sauce; herbed red potato salad
  • Cumin seasoned pinto beans and Chinese cabbage with tangy quinoa and broccoli

July 2 2012

  • Cousa squash, snap peas and beet greens in spiced curry sauce with kohlrabi-cucumber and mung bean salad
  • Glazed tempeh and broccoli in roasted garlic and tomatoes; scalloped potatoes and kale
  • Thai soup with chinese cabbage, bok choi and tofu; barley, zucchini and raisin pilaf
  • Coconut chole with green beans; brown rice with caramelized onion and napa cabbage

June 25 2012

  • Tofu and snap peas in caramelized leek sauce with spiced rice and beet greens
  • Curried black-eyed peas and kale with barley-collard green pilaf
  • Tempeh with spiced beets and dilled chinese cabbage, spinach and beet green slaw
  • Mixed vegetables in miso sauce with potato and kohlrabi in tomato-mint sauce

June 18 2012

  • Tofu and spinach in Dijon sauce with brown rice and pink turnip
  • White bean in tomato sauce with seared spring greens and shiitake mushroom, white turnip and snap peas glazed with garlic and ginger
  • Green lentils with bok choi and fennel seed; quinoa-kohlrabi pilaf seasoned with coriander and lemon
  • Tempeh slaw with roasted rosemary potatoes and sauteed turnip greens

June 11 2012

  • Black bean, sweetcorn and flax fritter, with golden glazed potatoes and snap peas
  • Red lentils with spring greens with rice, sweet potato and daikon pilaf
  • Mixed vegetables in tarragon sauce with buckwheat, amaranth, raisin and pink turnip loaf
  • Sesame-tempeh with rice noodles in ginger broth

June 3 2012

  • Pinto bean daikon and turnip salad with sweet potato, potato, spinach and turnip green pancake
  • Mixed vegetables in spring green sauce with brown rice, carrot and turnip pilaf
  • Tempeh and zucchini in smoked paprika sauce with quinoa-jicama pilaf
  • Chole with spiced beets

May 21 2012

  • (Vegan) Cheese & arugula quesadilla & salsa with rice-asparagus-beet green pilaf
  • Tempeh rouge on seared spring greens with aloo gobi
  • Mixed spring vegetables in roasted garlic sauce with buckwheat-mushroom pilaf
  • Black bean & barley salad; roasted vegetables with mint

May 14 2012

  • Tempeh slaw with arugula and dilled asparagus quinoa salad
  • Tofu & spinach in dijon sauce with barley pilaf
  • Black-eyed peas with mushroom & golden glazed potatoes
  • Savory root torte with buckwheat-custard topping; mixed vegetables in curried almond sauce

May 7 2012

  • Mung bean salad with napa and red cabbage; braised cauliflower & leek
  • Red lentils with cabbage with brown rice, broccoli & raisins
  • Tofu & mushroom bolognese with mashed sweet potato, rutabaga & lacinato kale
  • Black bean-millet-chipotle burger with roasted potatoes & collards

April 30 2012

  • Tofu & broccoli in almond-lemongrass sauce; brown rice with jicama & red cabbage
  • French lentils with carrot & daikon; buckwheat with napa cabbage & green beans.
  • Sauteed tempeh and mushroom in lemon-miso sauce; polenta with spring greens
  • Chole (indian spiced garbanzos) with golden glazed potatoes & cucumber

April 23 2012

  • Curried rice noodles with tofu; dilled quinoa salad with asparagus & carrot.
  • Tomato & black bean stew with spiced millet, spinach & red cabbage.
  • Sauteed tempeh and spinach in cauliflower sauce; roasted root vegetables.
  • Creamy (vegan) herbed, black-eyed peas with leeks; sweet brown rice with butternut squash, kale and prunes.

March 14 2012

  • Dilled tempeh and mixed cabbage salad; balsamic shiitake mushroom, brussels sprouts & carrots.
  • Savory squash and root vegetable torte, topped with buckwheat, caramelized onion, walnut and sesame seed; spiced mung beans and green cabbage.
  • Tofu & spinach in white wine-marjoram sauce; golden glazed potatoes and green beans.
  • Black beans with beets seasoned with cumin; brown rice, millet & cauliflower.

March 7 2012

  • Broccoli, cauliflower and fennel in lemon sauce with mixed toasted nuts; rice noodles  with gaucamole
  • Black bean and millet burger with chipotle aioli and tomato; red & napa cabbage slaw
  • Potato, tofu, brussel sprout and spinach ragout; sauteed mixed greens, carrots, caramelized portabello, leeks and toasted almonds
  • Tempeh in red pepper sauce; brown rice, beets and parsnip with mint

March 1 2012

  • Black bean with green beans, kombu and nori; brown rice with peas
  • Green lentils with dijon & balsamic vinegar; curried sweet potato & turnip
  • Veggieburger with lettuce & tofu ricotta; thyme & long pepper scented yellow & red potato with lacinato kale
  • Tempeh in mushroom miso sauce; spiced cabbage and leeks

Feb 9 2012

  • Sauteed tofu with dijon sauce and brown rice with amaranth and napa cabbage
  • Marinated tempeh with braised leeks and aloo gobi
  • Red lentils and spinach with barley, millet and beets
  • Black-eyed peas and mushrooms with sesame quinoa and celery root

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