Four Square Meals this Week

With winter approaching (if not here!) we focus on root vegetables and slow cooking. Salad this week is filling and rich in protein.Tofu, broccoli, kohlrabi and zucchini ‘skillet’; yellow and russet potatoes with roasted celery root in gravy

Tofu Spring Salad (miso-tahini dressing); Roasted roots with collards, rye and fresh rosemary
Seitan and broccoli in garlic-ginger sauce; Pullao Rice with pineapple and cilantro
Black eyed pea dal with turnip and black cumin; Black bean chili; mashed potato and sweet potato with rosemaryBuckwheat with sweet potato, carrot and sesame
Black bean chili; Bubble and Squeak (mashed potato, leek and cabbage)


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