This Week from Four Square Meals

Spiced Red lentils with SpinachMenu for pick up Tuesday May 20

  • Red lentils with spinach
    Basmati rice with turnip and green onion
  • Mung bean, tomato and cucumber salad
    Aloo Gobi (Indian potato and cauliflower)
  • Tofu spring salad with sweet potato and red beet
    Brown and black rice with raisins and green kale
  • Tempeh and green cabbage in leek sauce
    Buckwheat, rye and millet pilaf mixed spring greens, sunflower seeds and

To order click here.

If you like the look of some items but not others we can custom build a selection from this menu. (Minimum 3 meals)

Barley, black rice and quinoa with beauty heart radish and chiogga beetMenu for pick up Tuesday May 27

  • Black bean-miso salad with vegetables
    Moroccan barley-quinoa pilaf
  • Seitan with BBQ sauce
    East-west rice (Brown and pink rice with brown mustard seed and nori)
  • Tempeh-cilantro slaw
    Garlic & dill-mashed potato and carrots
  • Levantine green lentils with asparagus
    Persian basmati rice and amaranth pilaf

Vegetables are purchased close to cooking date, and will be updated on Friday May 23

Veggieburgers are always available too – Classic and Spicy Black Bean


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