Four Square Meals – November 11

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  • Subterranean stew – black beans with root vegetables
  • Patates Bravas – with seasonal vegetables and chili peppers
  • Tofu Zeera – marinated tofu and beet in roasted cumin sauce
  • Green Rice Pilaf – jade pearl rice and spelt with seasonal vegetable and herbs
  • Masoor dal aur band gobi – spiced red lentils with green cabbage
  • Chinese Parsley Pilaf – brown rice and barley with seasonal vegetable, cilantro and lemon
  • IC Tempeh – marinated in garlic and coriander with seasonal vegetable in cilantro-lime sauce
  • Curried Rice – basmati and black rice with seasonal vegetable

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Produce and grains purchased locally at New Pioneer Food Co-op, Iowa City Farmer’s Market, Friendly Farm, Echollective Farm and Muddy Miss Farm.




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