3 Course Vegan Dinner Series

Choose any of these menus, or mix and match between menus for a personalized class. Class length 90 minutes approximately. 

Menu 1

  • Sweet corn and beet soup
  • Eggplant steak, seared spinach and spiced tomato sauce with scalloped potatoes and basil salsa verde
  • Blackberry chocolate clusters with rose marzipan

Menu 2

  • Butternut squash soup
  • Tempeh and spinach in spiced tomato sauce, with paprika-roasted potatoes and topped with Dijon-chipotle aioli
  • Spice cake with roasted beet frosting

Menu 3

  • Gingered carrot soup
  • Chickpeas and beets in spiced coconut milk sauce with basmati-sweet potato pullao, topped with toasted almonds
  • Lemon-ginger cake parfait

Menu 4

  • Hot and sour soup
  • Glazed tofu in spiced “cream” sauce, with buckwheat-sesame-shiitake pilaf
  • Chocolate covered apples with rose marzipan

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