Vegan Indian Cuisine Series

CIMG2759To sign up for classes please visit Kirkwood Community College Continuing Education

Vegan Indian Cuisine 1, Wednesday October 1, 6-8pm. NewBo City Market.

Indian cuisine is exotic, but is not out of the reach of the home cook. Discover a variety of spices and simple techniques you can apply to everyday cooking. Recipes will be in included. Learn techniques for using cumin, roasted cumin, brown mustard seed and coriander, as well as the classic technique for preparing the perfect basmati rice. Also learn simple seasonings for beans and vegetables. This class can stand alone or serve as an introduction to Vegan Indian Cuisine 2.

Vegan Indian Cuisine 2Silk Road Pilaf - basmati rice and kamut with leek, cucumber and dill 2, Wednesday October 8, 6-8pm. NewBo City Market.

In this class we will look at more complex recipes and techniques that build on Vegan Cuisine 1, however, it is not a prerequisite. Explore recipes using beans, tempeh, tofu and vegetables. The recipes will be more involved but will be demonstrated fully during the class.



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