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“Three of the best things about living in Iowa City:  Culture, Openness to ideas and people, and Chef David Burt…….who will provide for you freshly made, inspired combinations of food that is real, local and healthy.  He puts the tastiest things together.  Where else can you get that!!   Thank you, David.”CIMG2759
-Carolyn Gallogly
Iowa City

“This is officially the best food-related decision I’ve ever made in my life.”
-Elizabeth Weiss
Iowa City

“Providing my family with amazing food from Chef David Burt has been one of the best things I can provide for healthy meals.  Last year we had a remodeling project and were without a kitchen for the good portion of the winter and the first thing I thought to do was contact Four Square Meals so that I could continue to provide super nutritious yummy vegetable based food for my kids.  The whole experience was just wonderful and I recommend this chef to any family whether vegan, vege, gluten free, or even meat eating folks.  The dishes were a great and healthy addition to our lifestyle.”
-Dr. April Dirks-Bihun
Iowa City


“Using David Burt’s delicious meal plans has enhanced the quality of our lives tremendously. We really enjoy his food and especially appreciate the amazing variety of healthy vegan options he creates. Plus he is a joy to see every week when we pick up our food.”
-Drs. Mary and Matthew Cohen
Iowa City


“I first tried the meal plans in 2009 when I was a full-time Research Assistant and full-time graduate student.  They have become essential for my busy lifestyle and allow me to maintain a healthy diet.  The menu is different every week and features seasonal ???????????????????????????????ingredients.  The food is always delicious, and the meal plans make me feel good about my health while also being environmentally sustainable.  I have also been surprised by how they have reduced my family’s food budget since I eat out less and don’t have as much food waste.”
-Desire Christensen
Iowa City


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