Kale chips ‘n’ more

What to do with all those spring greens? Kale chips are popular but experiment with other greens that often end up yellow at the bottom of your crisper. Radish greens, beet greens, mustard greens, turnip greens. Just make sure to cut the spine and make a thinnish layer on the oven pan.

Use the stems, cut finely, to thicken sauces, or toss into the stockpot for great added flavor and depth to your home made stock.

Spring green chips

1 bunch kale or other spring/fall green
2 tsp sunflower oil, or extra virgin olive oil
1/8 t salt
1/8 t paprika

Optional: pinch cayenne

Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Strip the spine from the greens either with a knife, or by pulling your hand firmly along the spine to remove leaf, Cut leaves into bite sized pieces. Sprinkle salt and paprika over greens. Be sure to sprinkle widely so that the powders do not clump in one place. Drizzle oil over greens and gently toss to evenly distribute the oil over the leaves. Place the in a thinnish layer on an oven pan or cookie sheet. It doesn’t need to be a single layer, just not a bunch of them piled on top of each other. Check after 5 minutes, but usually takes 7 or 8 minutes. May take 10 or 12 minutes if it’s a thick pile. Greens should be browning and a little crispy. Transfer to a paper towel to remove excess oil if necessary.


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