Weekly Meals Nov 19

Happy Thanksgiving. We continue, and will through the winter with hearty stew and soups. Lentils are a gentle way to intake good protein, especially when including a grain within a day or too, so the body has complete amino acid profile. Keeping a variety of beans and grains through the winter will easily take care of your protein needs. Continuing with sweet potato, collards and squash for local late summer offerings and a hark back to summer with tomatoes, eggplant and sweetcorn that were frozen.

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  • Spiced green lentils with eggplant; mashed sweet potato and squash
  • Tempeh slaw with aloo gobi  (Indian potatoes and cauliflower)
  • Garbanzo beans with roasted tomatoes and sweet corn; dilled mixed vegetables (carrot, celery root, cabbage, collards)
  • Marinated tofu and collard greens in miso gravy; brown rice with cabbage and peas

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