4 Square Meals this week

Tamari tempeh with broccoli in kabocha squash sauce; roasted potatoes and butternut squash in red onion broth close upThis week featuring local San Marzano and other heirloom tomatoes. Squash and zucchini aplenty. Cucumbers, green cabbage, carrots, kale, collards, okra and green beans. Garnished with purple Thai basil and fresh oregano. It’s harvest time.

  • Garbanzo bean, cucumber and roasted tomato salad with coriander; curried potato and patty pan squash
  • Tofu, green cabbage and bok choi in purple Thai basil coconut broth; tomato, zucchini and rye salad with black cumin dressing
  • Green lentils, carrot and kale with fresh oregano; spiced rice with green beans
  • Mixed vegetables in almond-chili sauce; Kamut pilaf with okra and brown mustard seed

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