Next’s week’s menu

4SqMealsLogoFinalLargeDec4For pick up Tuesday January 7

Stews and long cooked vegetables for the frigid weather. Warming spices and herbs.

  • Spanish pinto bean stew; brown and black rice with roma tomatoes, dill and sunflower seedsPinto beans and yellow and orange bell peppers with capers and mustard; roasted red and russet potatoes with collards and dill
  • Coconut chole with cauliflower; potatoes, squash and spinach in cumin-fennel sauce
  • Tempeh and napa cabbage slaw; buckwheat pilaf with mushroom, sweet potato and thyme
  • Moong dal with kale and garam masala; faro and barley  with apple and sesame

Click here to order.

Local ingredients include: carrots, potatoes, squash, napa cabbage, mushrooms, sweet potato, kale, apple – Not bad for -2 degrees – purchased at New Pioneer Food Co-op.


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