Next Week’s Menu

DSC01892We needed those warming spices last week! This week we still are cooking with some Iowa grown produce; potatoes, sweet potatoes, daikon radish, napa and savoy cabbage, red curi and butternut squash, sage. These were not found at obscure markets but at New Pioneer Food Co-op. We’ll continue to aid the body’s digestion with cooked, especially roasted vegetables with the warming herbs and spices like garam masala, garlic and black papper, giving the body an extra kick. We are generous with onions in the winter too, as they help kick start a sluggish system with their liver cleansing properties.

Here’s our menu for next week:

  • Black-eyed peas with winter squash; sticky brown rice with sweet potato
  • White bean and 2-radish stew with sage and thyme; pink rice, raisin and napa cabbage pilaf with lemon and cilantro
  • Seitan and lacinato kale in roasted cumin sauce; potato, beet and almond with black pepper
  • Spiced tofu and broccoli with smoked paprika; savoy cabbage and eggplant au gratin with faro and coconut

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