Next Week’s Menu

Tofu dijon with delicata squash.JPG; sesame-sunflower potato cakes For pick up Tuesday February 11

Warming spices, stewed vegetables. Winter warming food. Local offerings still coming in: squash from Friendly Farm in Iowa City, Iowa; carrots and kale from Grinnell Heritage Farm in Grinnell, Iowa; lemongrass from Mariposa Farms in Mariposa, Iowa. Looking forward to spring greens – dandelion, arugula, spinach, kale.

  • Garbanzo bean, green cabbage ragout with coriander; Macrobiotic mash (savory mashed millet and cauliflower)
  • Tofu, broccoli and red kale in Thai coconut broth; celery root, turnip and rye with black cumin
  • Black-eyed peas and winter squash black cumin; spiced brown basmati rice with red cabbage
  • Sunchoke, carrot and sunflower seeds in almond-chili sauce; Kamut-faro-amaranth pilaf with eggplant and brown mustard seed

Garbanzo beans with roasted tomatoes and sweet corn; dilled mixed vegetables (carrot, celery root, cabbage, collards)Header


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