Valentine’s Day Meal from Four Square Meals

romantic-dinnerWe are happy to offer an extravagant Valentine’s menu to pick up and enjoy in your own home with your special one. We will provide wine pairing and a couple of recipes for condiments to make this a memorable Valentine’s meal, away from the hubbub of a busy restaurant where we are often rushed through the system.

Price includes 5-course meal for two with wine recommendations and recipes for extra condiments to make this a dinner to remember..

Stir-fried pink rice and rye topped with toasted pumpkin seedsChana dal with sweet potato and cilantro; kamut with roasted beet and mint3
A deliciously simple saute of Madagascar pink rice, onion and garlic with far eastern flavors of tamari and sesame seed

Red and gold beets simmered with cumin
A vibrant dish, deep purple with the earthy sweetness of beets offset by the gentle aromas of cumin seed

Braised portabello mushroom stuffed with cilantro-sunflower seed pesto and toasted pine nuts
Deep, rich flavors with a memory of warmer times – shimmering green pesto in a balsamic braised portabello

BuckwheatBrownRiceGolden glazed potatoes with fennel seed and lemon pepper spinach
Simply delicious flavors of ginger, garlic, paprika and turmeric meld to glaze the potatoes

Chocolate-raspberry heart
Deep dark chocolate with juicy succulent raspberries melted in.

Price is $60 including tax. Pick up is Thurday February 13, 5-5:30pm at Hillel House, 120 Market St, Iowa City, or by appointment. Order below

Pink rice with beets and sweetcorn9


One thought on “Valentine’s Day Meal from Four Square Meals

  1. Hi, Dave! I’d love to order, so long as it would definitely be available at the pick-up time you mention, as we will be leaving town shortly after that.

    The contact form appears as code in the message I received. OK to just request a meal for two via e-mail, here? Let me know if so so I know you received our request.

    Thank you!

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