Next Week’s Menu

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Available for pick up Tuesday June 21

Note – June 28th will be the last day of this meal service. Come see us at the Iowa City Farmer’s Market every Saturday for potato pancake breakfasts!

  • Riviera Days Salad – chick pea with roasted Roma tomato, sweet corn and Mediterranean flavors
  • Green Ocean Pilaf – with jade pearl and red rice, carrot, nori and mixed nuts
  • Tofu Dijon – tangy sauce with mushrooms
  • Persian Rose Pilaf – basmati and rye with broccoli, sumac and rose water
  • Punjabi Dal – green lentils with aromatic spices and mixed kales
  • Gujerati Pilaf – brown rice, millet and turnip with brown mustard seed
  • Mock Chicken Salad – marinated tempeh in rich dressing with red cabbage
  • Aloo Timatar Sonf – potato and mixed greens in tomato-fennel glaze

Menu subject to slight changes.

Produce and grains purchased locally at Echollective Farm, New Pioneer Food Co-op and Oak Hill Acres Farm. DaveHeader

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