Meal Plan July 2 2012

Weekly meal plans focus on vegetables as the center of the vegetarian diet.

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This week experimented with scalloped potatoes using coconut milk and flax seed as the creamy binder. Dash of white wine vinegar worked wonders to set of the sweet cremy oniony sauce. The etestament to these is that my family ate them all down the day before I had a chance to photograph them!

The Thai soup is in the style of Tom Kha, using tofu instead of chicken and generous quantities of ginger and fresh squeezed lime along with fresh basil. Paired with the earthy barley and deep sweet of the raisins, a very satisfying combination.

I’m a great fan of the cousa squash, which seems to have a little less bitterness than zucchini, although the shelf life is shorter. The season is now.

  • Cousa squash, snap peas and beet greens in spiced curry sauce with kohlrabi-cucumber and mung bean salad
  • Glazed tempeh and broccoli in roasted garlic and tomatoes; scalloped potatoes and kale
  • Thai soup with chinese cabbage, bok choi and tofu; barley, zucchini and raisin pilaf
  • Coconut chole with green beans; brown rice with caramelized onion and napa cabbage

Kale from Echollective Farm, Mechanicsville IA
Bok choi and kohlrabi from Salt Fork Farm, Solon IA
Potatoes, green beans and snap peas from Oak Hill Acres, Atalissa IA
Beet greens and Chinese cabbage from Grinnel Heritage Farm, Grinnel IA
Cousa squash, zucchini and broccoli from J.T.’s, can’t remember where! IA


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