Meal Plan July 16 2012

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    Seared tofu & grilled broccoli in fresh basil sauce; brown basmati rice with carrot & lemon
  • Glazed tempeh and green beans in tomato sauce with buckwheat, raisins and kale
  • Black beans and sweet corn with roasted garlic-mashed potato and daikon radish
  • Red lentils with cabbage and gujerati-style mixed squash

Relishing the variety of squash this week at the market – cousa, zucchini, romanesco, patty pans. This week cooked in the Gujerati style, using brown mustard seeds flashed in hot oil. Potatoes are in force at Oak Hill Acres, reds, purples and whites so kept it simple with roasted garlic mashed potatoes.

If you like buckwheat, try cooking them with raisins, adds a delicious treacly sweetness.



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