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Some images of our recent offerings…

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Four Square Meals – January 13

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  • Korean Winter Stew – Kidney beans and seasonal vegetables with spices
  • Sweet Tooth Pilaf – basmati rice and rye with pear and green onion
  • Tofu Dijon – marinated in rich mustard sauce with seasonal vegetable
  • Exotic Tabouli – barley and jade cloud rice with Roma tomatoes, sunflower seeds, oregano and lemon juice
  • Aromatic Black Eyed Peas – a rich dal spiced with coriander, cumin and turmeric
  • Macro Mash – millet, cauliflower and amaranth with roasted garlic and nutritional yeast
  • Tempeh Slaw – with cilantro and crunchy vegetables
  • Potato chukander – Potato and beet in onion-cumin sauce

What’s Cooking at Four Square Meals

Pulling in the flavors of the Levant this week, Morocco, Southern France, Persia. Images here –

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Produce and grains purchased locally at New Pioneer Food Co-op, Iowa City Farmer’s Market, Echollective Farm and Muddy Miss Farm.

Next Week from Four Square Meals

Menu for pick up Tuesday April 8Seitan and delicata squash in picante sauce; patates braves Sidebar

  • Seitan with mustard greens and almond chili sauce; Pink rice and amaranth with gold beet and red onion
  • Smoky black beans and sweet potato; Barley and millet with spiced turnip and sunflower seeds
  • 3C Tempeh salad; Curried potato and cauliflower
  • Red lentils with baby kale; Faro and brown rice with red beet

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If you like the look of some items but not others we can custom build a selection from this menu.

Black Bean Burger, green, rice, sweet potatoesVeggieburgers are always available too – Classic and Spicy Black Bean

Note: There will be no meals April 15 or 22. Back to normal April 29.

Meal Plan February 4 2013

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  • Black-eyed peas with thyme and green cabbage; Israeli couscous with red cabbage and capers
  • Toor dal with caraway and kale; sticky rice with carrot and sesame
  • Tofu, broccoli, kohlrabi and zucchini ‘skillet’; yellow and russet potatoes with roasted celery root in gravy
  • Spiced beet and butternut squash; barley and faro (wheat) with braised bok choi

Meal Plan July 16 2012

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    Seared tofu & grilled broccoli in fresh basil sauce; brown basmati rice with carrot & lemon
  • Glazed tempeh and green beans in tomato sauce with buckwheat, raisins and kale
  • Black beans and sweet corn with roasted garlic-mashed potato and daikon radish
  • Red lentils with cabbage and gujerati-style mixed squash

Relishing the variety of squash this week at the market – cousa, zucchini, romanesco, patty pans. This week cooked in the Gujerati style, using brown mustard seeds flashed in hot oil. Potatoes are in force at Oak Hill Acres, reds, purples and whites so kept it simple with roasted garlic mashed potatoes.

If you like buckwheat, try cooking them with raisins, adds a delicious treacly sweetness.