August Meal Plans

A review of the meal plans featured last month

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July 30 2012

White beans and cousa squash in shallot-tarragon sauce; tomato, cucumber and rye salad with basil
Tofu and green beans in spiced tomato sauce; brown basmati rice and kale pilaf with brown mustard seed
Tempeh, eggplant and kale in blood orange sauce; kamut, carrot and zucchini pilaf with lime basil
Black bean salad with beet and sweet corn; potato and turnip in thai basil sauce

August 20 2012

Tempeh, collard green and tomato salad seasoned with brown mustard seed; Mixed vegetables in basil-tahini sauce
Green lentil, cucumber salad and buckwheat salad seasoned with lemon basil; mild patates bravas, indian style
Eggplant, summer squash, tomatoes and red russian kale in thai basil sauce with millet, green bean and carrot pilaf
Spiced red lentils with green kale; brown basmati rice with green pepper and beets

August 27 2012

Rice noodles and broccoli in portabello-smoked paprika broth; mixed potatoes and beets with spiced tomato
Spiced black bean with cabbage and broccoli greens; heirloom tomato-cucumber salad with kamut and rye berries
Eggplant and green pepper in caper-basil sauce with spiced green beans and zephyr squash
Patty pan squash, pinto bean and collards in thai basil sauce; spiced brown rice with zuchinni, romanesco and cousa squash


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