October Meal Plans

Here’s a review of last month’s meal plans

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Meal Plan October 29 2012

  • Spiced kidney beans and sweet corn; paella-esque with mushroom and roasted tomatoes
  • tofu spring salad with winter squash wedges and daikon in chili vinaigrette
  • green lentil and cabbage salad, curried potato and butternut squash
  • Herbed seitan with cabbage and bok choi in teriyaki sauce; buckwheat, millet, rye and barley pilaf with carrot

Meal Plan October 22 2012

  • Spiced red lentils with cabbage; barley-basmati rice pilaf with butternut squash and smoked paprika
  • Roasted eggplant in ancho pepper sauce with daikon and mixed greens (collards, purple and green kale and turnip greens) with sesame seeds
  • Roasted tofu and bell pepper in basil sauce; mashed curried turnip and winter squash
  • Garbanzos and squash in thyme-caper sauce with lemon verbena mashed potatoes

Meal Plan October 15 2012

  • Seitan, broccoli, kohlrabi and daikon in sumac sauce; spiced millet with butternut squash and red cabbage
  • Bell pepper stuffed with eggplant-sunflower pate; kamut-rye berries-sweetcorn pilaf
  • Spiced green lentils with eggplant; tamari-rice with sweet peppers
  • Marinated tofu and radish in acorn squash and sweet potato sauce; roasted potato, beet and turnip

October 8 2012

  • Breaded eggplant with mustard greens and sunflower seeds, paella with beets
  • Baked tofu with sweet peppers and radish greens; curried potato and sweet potato
  • Herbed navy beans with butternut squash; mashed winter squash and potato
  • Chole with bell peppers; barley pilaf with ancho peppers and daikon radish

October 1 2012

  • Rice noodles with tofu, beet greens and arugula; spiced eggplant and green beans
  • Mixed vegetables in roasted cumin sauce with millet, quinoa and radish pilaf
  • Spiced red lentils with kales and chard; brown basmati rice pulao with mixed summer squash
  • Spiced black beans and corn with radish greens; “cheesy” potatoes and eggplant

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