What’s Cooking at Four Square Meals

A slideshow of last week’s meals

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Garbanzo bean, green cabbage ragout with coriander
Indian inspired stew
Tofu, purple potato, broccoli and kale in Thai coconut broth
Ginger and lemongrass dominate the creamy sweetness of coconut mulk broth
Celariac, turnip and rye with black cumin
Deep earthy flavors of the roots and rye with the slight sweetness of black cumin
Black-eyed peas in curried squash sauce
Classic curry flavor witht the familiar sweetness of winter squash
Brown basmati rice with red cabbage and smoked paprika
A paella influenced dish but with the whole grain basmati and the sweet smoky deliciousness of smoked paprika
Carrot, green cabbage, sunchoke and sunflower seeds in almond-chili sauce
A tangy sauce of roasted ancho chilis and white wine vinegar thickend with sweet almond butter
Faro-Kamut-amaranth pilaf with eggplant brown mustard seed and fennel
Sweet chewy high protein grains with savory sweet seeds and deep flavors of roasted eggplant


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