Next Week at Four Square Meals

Kidney bean sidebar Throwing’ in a salad again in hopes of a turn…

  • Kidney bean, savoy cabbage and turnip salad; brown rice and rye with carrot and cauliflower
  • Tempeh with lacinato kale and carrot in rosemary sauce; barley pilaf with eggplant and black cumin
  • Mung beans with daikon and red beets; curried potatoes with sunflower seeds
  • Seitan  and collard greens  in  carrot-coriander sauce; pink rice and amaranth with sweet potato and yellow pepper

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Last week’s images below:

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1 thought on “Next Week at Four Square Meals

  1. The meals this week sound amazing! Looking forward, Dave–thank you. (Tom travels so that’s why it’s just a single order.)

    Our favorite meal this past week was the noodle dish and its accompanying grain combo. Sorry I don’t recall the names of either right now–but that trio of grains was incredibly tasty and really impressed us (and I am not a big fan of grains because I always find them to be so predictable and bland).

    Also . . . just wanted to say that I think your idea of customizing the week’s meals based on a person’s interest in one or more of them is a great idea–esp. for people like Tom who can be a little more selective shall we say, regarding vegetables like onions. (;

    Finally–I’m guessing something like this makes a chef’s eyes roll in a flash, but . . . I wanted you to know in case you wanted “protein in a pinch” for the kids’ lunches or a low-brow party or something or were just curious to try a new product that came out in the last year and now is available at Hy-Vee (Waterfront, at least): Beyond Meat. It’s gluten free, made of soy and pea, and has different consistencies/flavors, like “chicken” strips (of a variety of seasonings) and “beef” crumble. We tried out the southwest strips tonight in tacos. It’s been eons since I had chicken–so I don’t really recall the flavor, but I think the consistency is pretty spot-on. Tom said it was “scary” eating it, it was so much like chicken. Here’s the website:

    Have a good week–and I’ll see you Tuesday between 5 and 5:30 at Hillel House!

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