Next Week at Four Square Meals

RiceNoodlesPinto3Happy Spring to come!

We finally made some salads this week since we hit 40 degrees. Still have Iowa red cabbage, savoy cabbage and sweet potato.

Next week’s  menu below.

  • Indian style green lentil with celery root; Curried basmati rice with broccoli and orange peppers
  • Rice noodles in hot and sour broth with red Green lentils with lacinato kale and sweet corn; brown rice with broccoli and carrotsand yellow peppers; Bubble and Squeak (mashed potato, roasted garlic and Iowa savoy cabbage)
  • Pinto bean chili with sweetcorn; Black rice and faro with Iowa red cabbage
  • Tofu spring salad with butternut squash and Iowa sweet potato; Buckwheat with rutabaga and sesame

Photos of some of last week’s offerings below:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


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