Next Week from Four Square Meals

DaveCloseUpMenu for pick up Tuesday June 24

  • Fandango Stew – pinto beans, vegetables and chipotle
  • Queen’s Brown rice – with quinoa, nori and toasted sesame ???????????????????????????????seed
  • First Star Stew – split red lentils with star anise, fennel, cinnamon and vegetables
  • Rice Rojo – Pink rice with roasted tomatoes and fresh herbs
  • “Seitan Sunday Roast” – Seitan with herbed gravy and vegetables
  • Lemon Pepper Potatoes – with spinach, fresh lemon and black pepper
  • Tempeh Sangre – with red beets and kale
  • Two-Tone Rice – Basmati and black rice with walnut and ginger

To order click here.

Produce and grains purchased locally at New Pioneer Food Co-op, Iowa City Farmer’s Market, Echollective Farm and Muddy Miss Farm.

Click here for Tuesday July 1.

Veggieburgers are always available too – Classic and Spicy Black Bean

Pink rice pilaf header


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