Four Square Meals – October 28

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Available for pick up Tuesday Oct 28

  • White Bean Salad – with roasted tomaroes and nori
  • Sticky Rice – jade pearl rice and amaranth with seasonal vegetables
  • Casablanca to Marrakech – seitan and zucchini in Moroccan roasted garlic sauce
  • Potato Salad – with fresh vegetables
  • Tempeh Harissa – spicy tempeh and mushrooms with seasonal vegetable and North African spices
  • Gujerati Pilaf – brown basmati rice, spelt and seasonal vegetable with brown mustard seed
  • Green Ragout – French Lentils with seasonal vegetables, capers and star anise
  • Days Go By Salad – Barley and root vegetable with caramelized onions, garlic and leeks

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Menu for November 4.

Produce and grains purchased locally at New Pioneer Food Co-op, Iowa City Farmer’s Market, Friendly Farm, Echollective Farm and Muddy Miss Farm.


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