Spice Tasting Demo

Body Moves Fitness Studio is celebrating its 3rd anniversary with a week of wellness inspired events

Four Square Meals will be participating with a tasting demo. We’ll sample some foods from our weekly meals and also prepare spiced condiments for a wide ranging tasting party. Chef David will speak to incorporating plant based foods into your lifestyle.

We’ll be there 10:30am-11:30am, Tuesday 9th, 1830 2nd Street, Coralville

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Indian Cuisine Class

TarkaIn this class we will explore recipes using beans, tempeh, tofu and vegetables. We’ll discuss and taste a wide range of spices. We’ll make cumin laced green lentils, glazed tempeh, curried tofu and sesame potatoes. We’ll also learn about spice blends and basmati rice.

Wednesday February 10, 6:30-8:30
Kirkwood Kitchen, NewBo City Market, Cedar Rapids

Register through Kirkwood Community College Continuing Education.

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Vegan Cooking Class – March 26

BSprtsBackground2Learn to cook a 3-course plant based meal, including DESSERT!

Menu for this dinner include hot and sour soup, followed by eggplant steak, seared spinach and dijon sauce with buckwheat-sesame pilaf, finishing with blackberry mousse for dessert. Recipes will be provided.

It’s clear we all need to incorporate more vegetable foods in Spring Yunnan Fusion – buckwheat, green onion and mushroom with sesame seeds 2our diet, for health. This class will help you understand how healthy and delicious can go hand in hand. Chef David Burt of Four Square Meals will demonstrate and explain how to prepare a balanced meal using plant-based ingredients.

Class will be held on Thursday March DaveHeader26 at NewBo Market kitchen.

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Upcoming Class – Making Beans and Grains Sexy

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It is said that bean soup was considered such an aphrodisiac that it was banned from the Convent of St. Jerome in the seventeenth century

Beans and grains maintain the healthy protein balance essential for life. Eating a wide variety of beans and grains ensures that the body has available all the essential amino acids. We will provide techniques and recipes for cooking a very wide variety of different beans and grains.

What: Learn how to make any bean and/or whole grain taste heavenly.
Where: Kirkwood kitchen at NewBo City Market in Cedar Rapids
When: 6:00-8:00pm, Thursday, February 5, 2015
Who: Taught by David Burt

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This class is part 2 of a series on whole foods vegan cuisine. View full series description.

Whole Foods Cooking Class

HeadShotChefCoat1Crop Chef David is offering the 4-part series on Whole Foods Vegan Cuisine, at the NewBo City Market in Cedar Rapids starting next Thursday. Each class can be taken individually or as a series.

Registration is through Kirkwood Continuing Education. Details of the class and links to the other classes in the series are detailed below.Vegetable Sidebar

This 4-part class can be taken individually or as a series. We will discover a wealth of techniques and recipes to give flavor to a base of nutritious and healthful foods. The whole foods philosophy maintains that minimal processing maintains nutritional integrity. The vegan philosophy maintains that removing (and at the very least limiting) animal products in the diet is beneficial for the body of the individual and the body of the planet.

The series is split into 4 sections: Vegetables, Beans and Grains, Soy foods, Soups and Sauces, and draws on culinary traditions from around the world.

Broccoli Romanesco 11. VegetablesCIMG2759
The vegetarian diet is ideally suited to having vegetables at its center. Using vegetables as a focal point allows us to eat seasonally, and therefore locally, which I maintain being the healthiest way to eat. The range of phytonutrients is wide and varied over the year, fiber and micronutrient content is maintained. Take home recipes will be included and general guidelines discussed.


Overcome your fear of eggplant

Fall classes at Kirkwood Community College have been finalized. Link here to a class showcasing EGGPLANT recipes. Learn a wide variety of preparations to expand your repetoire when this unique vegetable comes into season.

All classes listed here, including kale, squash, Italian, 3-course vegan meals and more. Classes held in Iowa City, IA.