Four Square Meals – December 2

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  • Andalusian Pinto Beans – with roasted Roma tomatoes, carrots and spices
  • King’s Rice – brown rice with rye, seasonal vegetable, toasted sunflower seeds and nori
  • Tom Kha Tofu – rice noodles with Thai mushroom broth
  • Roasted Garlic Mash – potatoes with carrot and black pepper
  • Moong Dal – with spices and seasonal vegetables
  • Old World Pilaf – barley and einkorn wheat with green cabbage and caraway
  • Seitan Diable – tangy sauce with seasonal vegetable
  • Green Paella Nori – with jade cloud rice, seasonal vegetables and mixed nuts

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Produce and grains purchased locally at New Pioneer Food Co-op, Iowa City Farmer’s Market, Friendly Farm, Echollective Farm and Muddy Miss Farm.

Veggieburgers back in town

We are pleased to announce that the veggieburgers made famous by The Red Avocado are now and will continue to be available at select locations in Iowa City. Find them at The Wedge Downtown, Trumpet Blossom Cafe and New Pioneer Food Co-op Delis.

The original recipe veggieburger is also available direct from Burt Family Food Services. Email for information