Next Week at Four Square Meals

Menu for pick up Tuesday March 25Tarka

  • Rice noodles, azuki beans and bok choi in Thai mushroom-lemongrass broth; green kale and eggplant au gratin with barley and coconut
  • Tofu and cauliflower in creamy squash sauce; potato, mustard greens and almond with black pepper and dill
  • White bean, cucumber and pear salad with caper and sumac; faro and black rice pilaf with raisin, napa cabbage, lemon and cilantro
  • Black-eyed peas with lacinato kale in rich cumin-coriander sauce; sticky brown rice, carrot and beauty heart radish seasoned with rice vinegar and nori

To order click here.

If you like the look of some items but not others we can custom build a selection from this menu.

Veggieburgers are always available too – Classic and Spicy Black BeanChioggaNoodlesHeaderBright


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