Late Summer Upper – seasonal recipe

Sweet potato and beet with cumin and corianderVegetable Sidebar

1 tbs sunflower or canola oil
1/2 tsp whole cumin seed
1 medium clove of garlic, peeled and minced (about 2 tsp)
1 small yellow onions, diced
2 small tomatoes, diced or 1 small can
2 tsp ground coriander
1/4 tsp turmeric
1 Beet (about 8 oz), cut into 1/2 inch pieces
1 Sweet potato (about 6 oz), cut into 3/4 inch pieces
1/2 cup water
1-2 tsp salt
Fresh ground black pepper

Heat the oil in a wide bottomed pot or pan to medium high. Add the whole cumin seeds. They should sputter a bit. Quickly add the garlic and saute, stirring constantly. When golden, add onions and saute for 2-3 minutes, stirring often.

Add the tomatoes, coriander and turmeric and stir once or twice. Add the beets, sweet potatoes, salt and water. Bring to a simmer, cover, turn heat down to medium low and cook for 30-60 minutes. Beets should be easily pierced with a knife. The smaller you dice the beets, the quicker they’ll cook. Check every so often that the water hasn’t boiled off, add more as necessary, 1/2 cup at a time.

If you prefer the sweet potatoes to maintain a shape, roast them, before adding at the end of cooking.


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