Recipe – Classic Gravy

Yield 1.5 quarts

???????????????????????????????Wine   0.5 cup
Garlic, chopped   6 clove
Stock   6 cup
White wine vinegar   3 T
Tamari   0.33 cup
Paprika   1 T
Oregano, dried   2 t
Sage, rubbed   1 t
Thyme, dried   2 t
Salt   2 t
Roux   0.5 cup
Nutritional yeast   2 T
Black pepper   1 t
Flour, white or whole   1 cup
Sunflower or canola oil   0.67 cup

Make your own stock, or use vegetable bouillon cubes. Put the wine and the garlic in a pot Seitan Carrot Sidebarand simmer until about half the liquid is gone. Add the stock, vinegar, tamari, paprika, oregano, sage, thyme and salt and bring to a boil. Try to reduce to a simmer as soon as it boils. Simmer 15-20 minutes. Meanwhile make the roux.

Add the flour and oil to a pan and heat to medium, stirring to mix. Once it starts to sizzle stir constantly. Heat for about 5 minutes until a slight toasty aroma comes off. If brown spots appear, turn the heat off. Ladle half a cup or so of the simmering broth into the pan with the roux. Whisk quickly to smooth out. Continue adding broth half a cup at a time another three times. Then transfer this back into the main broth pot, whisking to mix and avoid lumps.

Bring back to a simmer for another 10-30 minutes to let the gravy thicken. Check for salt. This keeps well in the fridge and freezes too.

Corn starch slurry can be added instead of a flour roux. Use 4 T corn or potato starch in ¼ DaveHeader– ½ a cup of water.
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