Recipe – Kidney Bean & Cucumber Salad

Kidney Bean-Cucumber SaladKidney Bean Cucumber Salad
1-2 cups kidney beans, cooked*
1 large cucumber, peeled and deseeded and cubed
½ cup sweet corn, boiled 2 minutes.
2-3 t sweet yellow onion, finely sliced
2-3 t white onion, finely sliced
2 t lemon juice
1 T extra virgin olive oil
¼ t paprika, or 2 t finely diced sweet red pepper^
Couple of pinches of salt
Pinch of ground white pepper
8-10 fresh mint or basil leaves

Mix all ingredients except mint or basil leaves. Tear leaves into the mix.

*If using an canned kidney, red or black bean, drain and rinse briefly. Or cook dried beans as follows: sort through the beans to remove stones and dirt. Then wash and drain in several rounds of water. Soak the beans for 2-24 hours. Drain, then cook in ratio of 4 cups water for every 1 cup bean. Cook until tender. 1-3 hrs.
TIP – cook more than you need, then drain and freeze in useful sized portions.

^Look for Gypsy or Jimmy Nardello peppers at the IC Farmer’s Market.

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Menu for July 21.


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