Weekly Meals Nov 26

As the weather cools even more, we’re continuing with warming spices and hearty meals. Ginger in the seiten, caraway with the black beans…. We’re continuing to use squash which presumably has helped through Iowa late Fall and into winter for many generations now. Root vegetables and roasted foods are equally important now. As winter progresses, dried fruits like raisins are a great way to enhance the energies that are waning now.

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  • Caraway-spiced black beans with cabbage and buckwheat with apples, raisins and sumac
  • Moong dal salad  with carneroli rice and sweet potato seasoned with cumin
  • Tamari tempeh with broccoli in kabocha squash sauce; roasted potatoes and butternut squash in red onion broth
  • Bbq seitan with acorn squash; spiced beets and carrots