Four Square Meals November 10

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Available for pick up Tuesday November 10th.

  • Southwestern Salad – black beans, tomato and green pepper with and roasted poblano dressing
  • Aloo Gobi – Indian spiced potato and cauliflower
  • Kansas Avenue Tofu – lemon marinated in a creamy roasted cumin sauce with butternut squash
  • Athena salad – Brown rice, barley and napa cabbage tossed with olive oil, umeboshi vinegar & nori
  • Masoor Dal aur Band Gobi – spiced red lentils with green cabbage
  • Sweet Tooth Pilaf – basmati rice and einkorn with apple, raisin and green onion
  • “Seitan Sunday Roast” – seitan with gravy, eggplant and carrots
  • Oliver’s Best – buckwheat and millet stew with bok choi

Produce and grains purchased locally at Echollective Farm, Friendly Farm, Grinnel Heritage Farm, Iowa City Farmer’s Market, Muddy Miss Farm, New Pioneer Food Co-op and Oak Hill Acres Farm. DaveHeader

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Menu for November 17.



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