Four Square Meals March 29th

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Available for pick up Tuesday March 29th

  • Thai Tofu – with Iowa daikon radish and mushroom in coconut-lemongrass sauce
  • Two-Tone Rice – brown and black rice with Iowa black radish, walnut and ginger
  • Summer Protein Salad – French lentil salad with Iowa turnip, olive oil and white wine vinegar
  • Mediterranean Pilaf – basmati and jade pearl rice with kale, capers and sumac
  • Tempeh Korma – creamy Indian sauce with raisins and Iowa watermelon radish
  • Aloo Gobi – Indian spiced Iowa potato and cauliflower
  • Forbidden City – kidney beans with seasonal vegetables and five-spice flavors
  • King’s Pilaf – barley, quinoa and Iowa carrot, tossed with tamari, cilantro and lemon

Produce and grains purchased locally at Echollective Farm, Friendly Farm, Grinnel Heritage Farm, Iowa Choice Harvest, Iowa City Farmer’s Market, Muddy Miss Farm, DaveHeaderNew Pioneer Food Co-op, Oak Hill Acres Farm and Organic Greens.

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Menu for April 6th.


Beet Remoulade

Beet Remoulade

The wonderful savory flavors of capers and mustard meet the earthy sweetness on red and gold beets.

1 medium red beet
1 medium gold beet
1 cup vegenaise or mayonnaise:
3 tbs capers
1 tbs Dijon mustard
1 tsp white wine vinegar

Peel the beets and cut into 1 inch cubes. First cutting in half and laying flat surface on the cutting board.
Steam the beets for 25-45 minutes, checking first after 20. They should be soft like a cooked potato.
While the beets steam, place the capers, Dijon and white wine vinegar in a food proceesor and process briefly a few times, scraping the sides between blands. When faily uniform add the vegenaise or mayonnaise and blend for 30 seconds or so. Try not the overblend as the vegenaise and mayonnaise both become bitter woth over-blending. This is the remoulade.

When the beets are done, take half the remoulade and mix with the beets and serve. Alternatively, blend the beets with the caper, mustard and vinegar, before adding the vegenaise/mayonnaise.