Four Square Meals January 19th

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Available for pick up Tuesday January 19th

  • Thai Seitan – with Iowa Napa cabbage in ginger-coconut sauce
  • Mother Grain Mix –buckwheat and quinoa with Iowa carrot, Iowa daikon radish and sesame seed
  • Mahabharata Dal – spiced black eyed peas and Iowa turnip
  • King’s Pilaf – brown rice with kamut, Iowa spiced sweet potato and toasted sunflower seeds
  • Tofu Dijon – tangy sauce with Iowa watermelon radish
  • Two-Tone Rice – basmati and pink rice with Iowa mixed greens and spices
  • White Bean Chole – classic Indian flavors with Iowa red beet
  • Golden Glazed Potatoes – roasted with Iowa onions, garlic, ginger and turmeric

Produce and grains purchased locally at Echollective Farm, Friendly Farm, Grinnel Heritage Farm, Iowa City Farmer’s Market, Muddy Miss Farm, New Pioneer Food Co-op and Oak Hill Acres Farm. DaveHeader

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Menu for January 19.